Issey Miyake, S/S 1995

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okay i’m gonna go to sleep luv u all have sweet dreams

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The way that Cruel Angel’s Thesis 2009 is so gaudy and so consciously trying to be “relevant” means that five years later it’s already kinda dated in a way

but between the original being great in retrospect and the way it just hits some of the right spots with its gaudiness and the general strangeness/big box electronic of it as a cover of the earlier song

it just kinda works 



(oil in the veins)by meflickr

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Henrik & Daniel cut the ribbon and announce the establishment of the Sedin Family Foundation - a charity that will work with local B.C. schools, community groups and social service agencies to make a difference for children and families in health, education and family wellness. (+)

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Christian Dior Fall/Wint 2003 - Angela Lindvall by Nick Knight

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